Honour Caps

Presentation Caps Recognising Teams and Individuals at Your Club Events.

The perfect token to show your appreciation of achievement for individuals and teams steeped in club history and married with personalisation. Our velvet honour caps and presentation caps can be customised to fit your exact needs with a choice of silk or bullion tape, tassel and cords for an added feeling of luxury.

A range of our presentation or honours caps in neat columns showcasing the range of clubs and teams we support with awards evenings and celebrating achievements.

Bespoke Embroidery

Our caps start as a blank canvas with 6 customisable panels for you to tailor with additional embroidery that highlights the noteworthy achievements of your teams. We have 15 stock colours available with the option to colour match and dye the velvet to bring your club’s personalisation to the cap. Whether you choose cotton thread or bullion wire, we can embellish any extra embroidery to best mark the achievement. Whilst the embroidered crest typically sits on the front panel of the cap, we allow you to place embroidery on any panel you wish.

Providing Presentation Caps Across Sports Industries

We have been producing honour caps since our establishment in 2012. Providing for a range of sports and teams, including:

  • Ruby Honours Cap
  • Cricket Presentations
  • Hockey
  • Tennis
  • Cycling Events

The Peak Aspect of Our Honour Caps

The peak of our caps really helps to tell the story of the achievement. Typically used to describe and mark the achievement of the team or individual, our peaks add a personal touch that allows the moment to be remembered for years. Written in a standout font on the peak of the cap, it becomes a bespoke representation of a unique journey throughout the history of your club, team or school.

We continue to offer a professional and personal experience from first contact until the moment they are delivered. That’s why our presentation caps have been widely used to mark debuts and milestones in sports and special honours and achievements both domestically and internationally. Our additional customisation allows you to tailor the honour caps to your club’s branding, including colouring and logos.

Going Above and Beyond

At Gentlemen & Players, we ensure you’re provided with personalised mock-ups of your design that can be adapted from your own feedback.  We will continue communicating and editing your designs until the final product is in its most perfect state. Your presentation evening or moment of recognition deserves to be perfect. You shouldn’t have to wait until delivery to know precisely how the cap turns out. So, we take the guesswork out of everything for you.

Honour Cap with tassles hanging off the wall with different embroidery and logos.

Why Present Honour Caps?

The honour cap is arguably the most highly valued item to whoever holds it. It is used to mark historic events such as:

  • Debuts
  • Milestones
  • Appearances
  • International Tournaments
  • End of Career Achievements
  • Career Achievements
  • Team Awards

We believe that an honour cap should be more than something left on the shelf. It is an item where to the eye of the beholder, a whole story unravels itself. A moment of greatness, a journey of success and a whole sporting life.

With complete customisation, from colours to texts, logos and embroidery, our honour caps are completely bespoke to the moment. That’s why we think we’re special. Bringing life to a cap, where a sportsman has given up so much to achieve what they have in their sport – they deserve some special, bespoke recognition that’s caressed with personalisation.

Let us help bring your occasion to justice!