Hall of Fame Honour Cap: All-Star Cycling Athlete, Laura Kenny

Laura Kenny Honour Cap - Hall of Fame

Presenting the Hall of Fame Honour Cap to Laura Kenny for her commitment to cycling.

The drive. The ambition. The success. 

These are the foundations of athletes who thrive. And this month, our honour cap winner is looking back on a career full of them.

Laura Kenny, who has retired, wins our Hall of Fame Honour Cap Award.

The series continues as we celebrate sports on- and off-the-pitch success. We are so proud of the athletes in the UK and worldwide who strive for equality and fair competition. Kenny’s success has allowed many young female cyclists to enter the industry and find love and passion for a sport previously dominated by men.

But there were many deliberators for our honour cap award, such as England Rugby, which recently produced fan-favourite moments in the Six Nations against France, Scotland, and Wales, and Anthony Joshua’s resurgence from the ashes in boxing. 

But none of them come close to our hall-of-fame athlete, Laura Kenny. Arguably, the Dame is one of Britain’s most decorated and successful cyclists and certainly takes the crown for the most successful female Olympian ever.

How Many Olympic Golds Has Laura Kenny Won

Dame Kenny, 31, has won 5 gold Olympic medals and 7 world championships. Her successful career was established in 2012 when she won her first Olympic Gold. 

2012: Team Pursuit & Omnium Gold

2016: Team Pursuit & Omnium Gold  

2021: Madison Gold  

In addition to her Gold medals, Laura Kenny won a silver medal in the team pursuit at the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2021. She also holds 14 European Championships and two Commonwealth Games titles.

Britain’s Most Successful Female Olympian

Laura Kenny, the mother of two sons, announced her retirement on Instagram earlier this month. In multiple interviews with Sky Sports, she has claimed her retirement stems from a desire to be closer to family. 

“It’s been in my head a little while. The sacrifices of leaving the children and your family at home are really quite big, and it really is a big decision to make,” she told BBC Sport.

Alongside her husband, Jason Kenny, an incredibly successful cyclist, the pair have taken the industry by storm. But after suffering a miscarriage and an ectopic pregnancy, the two were finally able to welcome their second child to the world in July last year. 

In interviews, Kenny comments on how it became increasingly difficult to continue cycling, knowing that she was missing out on time with family.

And who can blame her?

Not only is her cycling an achievement that’s hard to beat, but her family will always be the most significant achievement. 

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