The Trailfinders Rugby Honour Cap – Premiership Rugby Cup

Ealing Trailfinders Rugby Honour Cap

On Sunday, 18th February, Ealing Trailfinders found themselves in the semi-final of the Premiership Rugby Cup, taking on Leicester Tigers live on TNT Sports. 

After beating the Cornish Pirates 40-16 the weekend prior, the Trailfinders announced three changes to the lineup ahead of their semi-final fixture. 

But after a hard-fought 80 minutes of contested professional rugby, the Leicester Tigers led with an eight-point victory and advanced to the final. 

It was clear that after the first quarter, the home side, Ealing Trailfinders, found themselves in the driving seat, having received five penalties, Billy Twelvetrees converting two of those within the first twenty minutes. 

But after a few errors from the Trailfinders that found themselves with a yellow card and a gap in the defence, the Leicester Tigers took the opportunity and scored the opening try of the game. 

Both teams went toe-to-toe in terms of point scoring, with penalty conversations before the game was left at 21-22 with just five minutes left. But a last-minute intercepted pass allowed the Leicester Tigers to clinch the victory. 

With over 2,500 spectators and supporters in attendance, the Ealing Trailfinders should be proud of their achievements in the Premiership Rugby Cup. 

“I hope we’ve done everyone else in the championship proud”, Ben Ward said. 

Gentlemen & Players Rugby Presentation Cap Custom Designed For The Ealing Trailfinders

As a result of their performance in the Premiership Rugby Cup, and throughout the decades at the club, Gentlemen & Players put together an array of Rugby Honour Caps to celebrate notable achievements through the ages. 

“We’ve been supplying their rugby honour caps for 5-years or so now” Hampton said.

Each cap has been specifically tailored to the individual. The green cap sporting the embroidered logo and number 50 on the front represents the 50-match milestone for the club. This includes an all-white trim to add a separate element to the honour cap so that the individual can separate the achievement from others. 

But as you continue your journey with the Ealing Trailfinders, the Rugby Presentation Caps continue to become more tailored and memorable, with unique panelling and gold trim. Each cap contains an embroidered logo, a player number embroidered on the side panel, and the milestone number of caps the player has received on the front. 

We were so proud to have produced these beautiful rugby honour caps for Ealing Trailfinders – our favourite must be the green and gold panelling coupled with gold trimming for that extra sense of special achievement. 

A range of our presentation or honours caps in neat columns showcasing the range of clubs and teams we support with awards evenings and celebrating achievements.

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