The Super Bowl Weekend: All Star Player of the NFL Honour Cap

Patrick Mahomes - MVP Super Bowl Honour Cap

Whilst we are a British company, our work is sent out all over the world – particularly, we’ve produced caps and honour caps for Ireland, West Indies and other international entities. 

But over the weekend, the Super Bowl went live on our TV screens, and those who simply don’t watch American Sport tuned in with their eyes peeled. You didn’t even have to understand the rules to be entirely gripped by the atmosphere that American Football brings to the world. 

With that in mind, at Gentlemen & Players, we thought it would be great to start a series: “Hall of Fame” that is made up of the best sportsmen, sportswomen and sports teams over the current months. This can be for any sport / achievement, and in recognition, we’ll design a one-off honour cap. 

So, this week! Our “All Star Hall of Fame” sportsperson goes to…

Patrick Mahomes – MVP of the Super Bowl Weekend.

Mahomes belongs to the Kansas City Chiefs NFL team and has hit a record belonging to only three other Hall of Famers – Bart Starr and Terry Bradshaw – in back-to-back MVP awards at the Super Bowl. 

Having now won the event three times in a row – Mahomes, the star quarter-back – now sits only behind Tom Brady. 

Whilst the Chiefs may have come out victorious, it was only a few seconds before hand that they were down three points with one final play. The hand off to Hardman in the final seconds to secure the touchdown meant that Kansas City claimed an extra 6 points and re-took the lead in the final moments of the Super Bowl. 

With the excitement of the annual Super Bowl at an all-time high, and plenty of NFL fans jumping for joy over the next few days, Gentlemen and Players would like to award a virtual presentation cap to Patrick Mahomes for his outstanding performance last night. 

As honour caps suppliers, we choose to have our products made from melton wool, steeped in tradition and team heritage. Sporting 6 customisable panels and an embroidered logo, we are at the helm of quality when it comes to producing our presentation caps. 

But where the story will really be told for Mahomes, is on the peaks of our honours caps. With text that is finely stitched, the MVP of the Super Bowl will be proudly displayed alongside his statistics across the season.

Why our presentation caps are so special…

Trophies may give a glimpse into the special moment, but our presentation caps go beyond just the moment. They give insight into the whole journey, with club pride stitched with a passion for traditional excellence and 15 stock colour options that ensure your presentation cap is suited to your exact specification. 

These are all elements that trophies simply cannot do. They do not represent the club pride, the statistics nor the journey that our presentation caps do. 

And the perfect accessory to partner with our honour caps, must go to our frames. You’ll never forget the moment as you hang your memory front and centre of your home. Displayed with love and care, our timeless honour caps will bring life to your achievements today, tomorrow and for decades yet to come. 

The Experience at G&P From Rugby Honour Caps to NFL Honour Caps

We are a two-man team, Chris Sketchley and Tom Hampton, who will personally assist with the cap manufacturing process. Not only will we design mock-ups with your feedback implemented until final approval, we will be there along the way assisting in every way that we can. 

We offer a personalised experience and will communicate with you until the final product delivery. Everything about your achievement deserves to be special and that includes the manufacturing and delivery process.