G&P Grade 1 Cricket Bat


Introducing the G&P Grade One Cricket Bat, a testament to the artistry of cricketing excellence. Handcrafted from the finest English willow, each stroke resonates with power and precision, thanks to its Grade One willow construction. Engineered for elite performance, this bat ensures unparalleled responsiveness, empowering players to dominate the crease with unwavering confidence. With a balanced profile and expertly crafted sweet spot, it delivers explosive power and exquisite control, making it the weapon of choice for both professionals and enthusiasts.


After selecting this masterpiece, players face the captivating choice between three iconic sticker designs: Surge, Sapphire, and Stealth, each embodying its own allure and appeal. The Surge sticker exudes touch and elegance, the Sapphire sticker radiates power and force, while the Stealth sticker epitomizes precision and finesse. Elevate your game with style and distinction, courtesy of G&P Cricket.

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Light, Medium, Heavy


Saphire, Stealth, Surge


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