G&P Blueout Pad


Introducing the G&P Blueout Pad, a pinnacle of cricket gear designed to elevate players’ performance and protection on the field. Crafted with precision engineering and premium materials, this pad offers unparalleled durability and comfort during intense cricket matches. Its lightweight yet robust construction ensures optimal mobility without compromising on impact resistance. The sleek blue design adds a touch of style to players’ attire, reflecting their confidence and determination. Whether facing fast bowlers or diving for catches, the G&P Blueout Pad provides the ultimate defense and agility. Dominate the game with confidence and style, powered by the G&P Blueout Pad.

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Introducing the latest G&P Batting Pad – a pinnacle of style and protection. With a sleek design, advanced materials, and strategic padding, these pads offer comfort and durability. Elevate your performance with the cutting-edge G&P Batting Pad, where innovation meets the cricket field.

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Oversized, Adult, Womens, Youth

Left/Right Hand

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