G&P Womens Cricket Bat



Introducing our newly designed Women’s Cricket Bat by G&P, crafted with precision to cater to the dynamic needs of female cricketers. Engineered with a lighter weight and slender handle, it offers enhanced maneuverability and control, aligning perfectly with the biomechanics of women’s gameplay. The bat’s refined sweet spot and balanced profile ensure optimal power generation without compromising on accuracy, empowering players to deliver confident strokes across the crease. With its sleek design and superior craftsmanship, the G&P Women’s Cricket Bat embraces inclusivity and performance, setting a new standard for female athletes on the field. Redefine your game with elegance and prowess.



After selecting the bat, players face the intriguing choice between three iconic sticker designs from G&P: the Surge (blue), the Sapphire (pink), and the Stealth (white). Each sticker design carries its own unique allure and appeal. The Surge sticker boasts touch and elegance, with its dynamic lines and vibrant colors exuding a sense of sophistication on the field. The Sapphire sticker showcases power and force, embodying the intensity of the game with its bold design and striking colors. Meanwhile, the Stealth sticker epitomizes precision and finesse, with its minimalist and understated look perfect for those who value subtlety. Elevate your game with style and distinction, courtesy of G&P Cricket.

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Light, Medium, Heavy


Saphire, Stealth, Surge


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