G&P Provide Cricket Kit for England Over 40s For Their Cricket World Cup Campaign

England cricket clothing

Gentlemen and Players were proud to produce the training and playing kit for England over 40s for their World Cup Campaign in Cape Town, South Africa, from February 17th to March 1st 2024.

The inaugural World Cup was the first of its kind for the 16-man squad:

  1. Chris Swallow (captain)
  2. Mohammad Akhtar (vice-captain)
  3. Simon Birtwistle
  4. Justin Bishop
  5. George Brooksbank
  6. Ben France
  7. Ben Frazer
  8. Chris Hewison
  9. Phil Mustard
  10. Steven Naylor
  11. Garry Park
  12. Sean Park
  13. Shaun Rashid
  14. Darren Stevens
  15. Graham Wagg
  16. Jonny Wightman

The squad was pooled against:

Australia, the United States of America, Zimbabwe, Canada, and Namibia. However, New Zealand, South Africa, India, Wales, Sri Lanka, and the United Arab Emirates were also involved.

How Did England Get On?

England started with a convincing 5-game win streak. This shot them straight through to the semi-final against South Africa, where, unfortunately, they fell short. In the 3/4th team playoff, Australia got their revenge against England, who had earlier beaten them in the group stages.

  1. England beat Zimbabwe by 5 wickets
  2. England beat USA by 97 runs
  3. England beat Nambia by 8 wickets
  4. England beat Australia by 2 runs
  5. England beat Canada by 9 wickets
  6. England lost to South Africa by 17 runs
  7. England lost to Australia by 5 wickets

Whilst they couldn’t secure the trophy, the lads played exceptionally well for their first official World Cup outing together. We were so pleased to be able to produce the caps, clothing, blazers, bags and especially honour caps for them to cherish.

If you want to read more about it and view the images of each game, click here.

What Did England Over 40s Wear? – Gentlemen & Players Cricket Kit

We were tasked with producing training kits, playing kits and kit bags for all the players. This included:

  • T-shirts
  • Playing tops
  • Playing trousers
  • Bags
  • Caps
  • Brimmers
  • Polo
  • Blazers & Ties
Selection of England Cricket Kit and hats.

A Comprehensive Selection of Cricket Clothing Products

As a business, we have worked hard to offer a comprehensive range of products, from hats, clothing, bags, ties, blazers, and pennants.

We produced all of these for the team.

With all of these things, there are obstacles to get over, and with this particular job, there were several player changes, which certainly kept us on our toes. However, we have streamlined our processes to ensure these changes cause minimal to no disruption to our orders, being efficient in making changes – especially with sizing and naming.

Overall, we received great feedback from the team who really enjoyed the range.

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The kit.

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